Road Safety Strategy

At its meeting on 16 February 2021, Council endorsed its Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan 2021–2030 (the Strategy).  A copy of the endorsed Strategy is available for download at the bottom of this page.

The Strategy outlines Council's approach to improving and managing road safety throughout the municipality with a vision to work towards zero fatalities and a decrease in all crash injuries within the City of Maribyrnong by 2030. 

To support the goals in the Strategy Council will be:

  • Working to ensure roads, footpaths, public open spaces and road signage are compliant, maintained and kept in a safe, working order.
  • Continuing to listen and engage with residents so that we understand road safety and accessibility concerns and can implement projects and programs that meet the needs of our growing community.
  • Supporting active transport, such as walking and cycling, which is extremely important for a healthy and sustainable community and requires special consideration of the vulnerability of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Improving road safety by lowering the speed limits on Council-owned roads and implementing new traffic calming measures such as road surface changes or visual cues to drivers to enhance the safety of all road users. This includes reducing speeds to 40km/hour over the next two years in built up areas.
  • Continuing to advocate to State Government to improve the safety of main arterial roads in our municipality, such as improving the safety of public transport stops, along with improving pollution, and truck and traffic congestion and volumes on our roads.
  • Continuing to build relationships and work with external stakeholders and road safety partners such as the Department of Transport, VicRoads and Victoria Police to achieve more outcomes than we could in isolation. This includes investigating adequate physical separation of cyclists from drivers where speed limits are higher than 40km/hr.

The Strategy reflects community input and has been developed using the Safe System approach to improving road safety – a national approach to road safety that caters the needs of all road users - pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, passengers, drivers, and commercial and heavy vehicle drivers.

The Strategy is a holistic view of the entire road transport system that looks at creating:

  • Safer Roads – by making roads, paths, tracks and other transport infrastructure as safe as possible.
  • Safer Speeds – by encouraging people to travel at safe speeds.
  • Safer People – by encouraging safe travel behaviour to minimise personal risks and risks to others.
  • Safer Vehicles – by promoting the use of vehicles that are safer for drivers, passengers and other people.