Bradmill Precinct: Francis Street, Yarraville


The land at 341-351 Francis Street Yarraville, better known as the 'Bradmill Precinct', is a large parcel of former industrial land located between Francis Street, the Westgate Freeway, McIvor Reserve and the Newport-Sunshine Railway Line.

The site contains development dating from the early 1950’s. The most significant of these are the boiler house and its chimney, conveyor and coal hopper, the original dye house and proofing building and the canteen building located along the eastern boundary of the site.

The land was rezoned as part of Amendment C63 to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme, gazetted on 5 June 2011. Amendment C63 applied the Residential 1 Zone (now the General Residential Zone) to the majority of the site, with the north-east corner of the site zoned Business 1 (now Commercial 1). The amendment also applied the Development Plan Overlay - Schedule 7 (DPO7) and the Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO) to the land.

Development Plan

DPO7 requires that, prior to any planning permit (development) application being submitted to Council, that a Development Plan (Masterplan) be prepared and approved by Council. The Development Plan was approved in September 2012 and is available to view at the bottom of this page. The Development Plan applies the following principles to the site;

  • Provide for residential development at a range of densities with a diversity of housing types to meet varying housing needs.
  • Provide for a Neighbourhood Activity Centre with a range of services and facilities to meet the needs of the future residents of the Bradmill Precinct and existing residents in the surrounding areas.
  • Create a grid street network to promote connectivity throughout the site.
  • Ensure the majority of lots are provided with north-south or east-west orientation to allow for appropriate solar access.
  • Utilise rear laneways to provide for continuous frontages to public realm interfaces such as streets and open space.
  • Provide for extensive landscaping treatments at key interfaces to enhance the amenity of the public realm.
  • Encourage walking and cycling throughout the site, and provide for connections to surrounding areas.
  • Encourage strong links between the Bradmill site and McIvor Reserve.
  • Promote the accessibility of the site via public transport.
  • Provide for safe and convenient vehicular access throughout the site and to surrounding areas.
  • Ensure the amenity of future residents is not compromised by noise from Francis Street, the Newport Goods Rail Line and the West Gate Freeway.
  • Promote principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development.
  • Ensure the proposal protects and enhances the heritage values of the site.
  • New residential development ranging in height from 1-6 storeys.
  • Adaptive reuse of heritage fabric, with heights of up to 8 storeys.

Next Steps

While a number of planning permits have been applied for and approved, these have now expired. The new land owner, Frasers Property, has recently lodged a planning permit for stage 1 of the precinct. Stage 1 is generally along Francis Street towards the middle of the site - between Stooke and Angliss Streets.

Locality map