Amendment C172 - West Footscray and Surrounds - Heritage Precincts


What's happening?

Council is proposing to introduce permanent heritage protection for precincts in West Footscray, Footscray and Maidstone through Amendment C172. This involves changes to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

Why is this happening?

After receiving feedback on the West Footscray Neighbourhood Plan (2018) regarding heritage and neighbourhood character, Council engaged a heritage consultant to undertake the West Footscray Inter-war and Post-war Heritage Precinct Study (2021). The Study outlines how the precincts were identified and explains the importance of this architecture to residents and our City now and in the future.

The proposed heritage precincts reflect important development phases within our City and were found to have a high level of intactness and authenticity. Amendment C172 seeks to recognise the contribution of the Inter-war and Post-war periods in particular to the City's heritage and afford buildings from this period with better protection. 

Interim Heritage Protection

Interim heritage protection has been introduced on a temporary basis to prevent the loss of heritage character in these precincts while Council consider ongoing heritage protection through Amendment C172. The Minister for Planning approved the interim heritage protection and it took effect on 10 December 2021 for a period of one year. An update was made to the interim overlay in June 2022. Refer to Amendment C173 and C175 for further information

Where are the precincts located?


The heritage precincts proposed to be introduced on an ongoing basis through this amendment are:

  • HO211 Bottomley’s Paddock Inter-war and Post-war Residential Precinct
  • HO212 Centennial & Duke Streets Inter-war and Post-war Residential Precinct
  • HO213 Hansen Inter-war Residential Precinct
  • HO214 Laughton’s Post-war Housing Precinct
  • HO215 Naismith & McCubbin Streets Inter-war Housing Precinct
  • HO216 Summerhill Road Inter-war and Post-war Housing Precinct
  • HO217 Tottenham Post-war Industrial Area Housing Precinct
  • HO218 West Footscray Inter-war and Post-war Residential Precinct

Precincts Map

The map below shows the location of the precincts. To enlarge, click on the map. 

What are the key changes proposed as part of Amendment C172?

The key changes proposed to the Planning Scheme as part of Amendment C172 include:

  • Replace the interim Heritage Overlay with a permanent Heritage Overlay for each precinct.
  • Rezone land in each precinct from the General Residential Zone  to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone. 
  • Update the Housing Framework Plan to show the precincts as Limited Change Areas.
  • Introduce Heritage Design Guidelines and Statements of Significance for each precinct.
  • Update the Permit Exemptions in Heritage Precincts Incorporated Plan to apply to the new precincts.
  • Introduce the West Footscray Inter-war and Post-war Heritage Precinct Study (2021) as a Background Document.

Public exhibition (closed)

Amendment C172 was on public exhibition from 28 February to 7 April 2022. Approximately 190 submissions were received. The exhibited amendment documents can be accessed on the Amendment C172 Victorian Government webpage.

Current stage: consideration of submissions

Council is considering all submissions received during the exhibition period. Where there are submissions that cannot be resolved, submissions will generally be referred to an independent Planning Panel to consider the amendment and the submissions. Anybody who made a submission will be contacted and be given the opportunity to be heard by the Planning Panel.

Submissions received are available below, in accordance with public availability requirements under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Council has redacted personal information where it does not relate to an address affected by the proposed heritage overlay from submissions in accordance with Council’s privacy policy. For example, in instances where the property address is within the proposed heritage overlay, the address has not been redacted. In instances where the property address is outside the proposed heritage overlay, the address has been redacted. 

What is the expected timeline?

September 2021
West Footscray Inter-war and Post-War Heritage Precinct Study and proposed planning controls considered by Council
December 2021
Interim heritage protection introduced by the Minister for Planning
February to April 2022
Public exhibition
Mid 2022
Submission are considered 
Mid-Late 2022 (TBC)
Planning Panel Hearing 
Late 2022 (TBC)
Council considers the recommendations of the Independent Planning Panel before making a decision on amendment

Further background information

Further information on Amendment C172 is available from the following sources:

A link to each of these is available below.

Further information on the Planning Scheme Amendment process can be found on the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme Amendments webpage or the Victorian Government Planning Scheme Amendments webpage


Contact information 

If you would like further information please contact Council’s Strategic Planning team on or on 9688 0200.  

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