2021 Civic Awards

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On 4 February 2021 Council formally acknowledged the efforts of those individuals, community groups and businesses who contribute to helping others in the City of Maribyrnong.

Mayor Cr Michael Clarke hosted an afternoon where he acknowledged those inspirational community members who give so selflessly to making the City of Maribyrnong a great place to live, work and visit.

Recipients of the 2021 Civic Awards are as follows:  

Citizens of the Year Award, Peter and Lola Anderson

For over 50 years, Peter and Lola Anderson have been instrumental in the protection and the ongoing development of Cruickshank Park.

Peter played an instrumental role in early implementation of what was designated as waste land, to the picturesque, lush, popular park it is today. One of the City’s best assets and a local oasis.

Since its inception, Lola and Peter have been local champions and advocates of the park, with ongoing roles on the Cruickshank Park Advisory Committee (CPAC) and still today as members of Friends of Cruickshank Park.

This couple have never wavered from their commitment to Cruickshank Park and the Yarraville community. From tree plantings to Clean up Australia Day, they have given everything to the park, its up keep and management.

Volunteer of the Year Award, Greg Ferrington

Greg is a dedicated volunteer who can be relied upon to spring to action and mobilise the community for the benefit of those who have experienced hardship caused by emergency situations.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and bushfires, Greg has played a key role in providing food relief and other projects to support those most in need. In 2019-2020 he collected food and toiletries from local businesses and residents, and delivered them personally to rural relief stations in fire effected areas.

For the past eight years, Greg has volunteered with Neighbourhood House and he has also been an active member in local LGBTIQ groups, particularly Bulldog Pride. He is on the Board of West Footscray Neighbourhood House, Duke Stree Community House and Neighbourhood Houses Victoria.

He has been a great mentor and advocate for others, particularly in breaking down barriers for people with a disability, CALD community members and young people to get involved in governance roles.

Youth Leadership Award, Mohamed Semra and Zoe Knight

Mohamed Semra

Mohamed has been active and involved in social justice and community activities since attending secondary school.

In 2019, he established Endeavour Youth Australia, an organisation that aims to identify and invest in diverse young leaders. In it’s first year, Endeavour Youth Australia has supported over 120 young people build their confidence and learn active citizenship and leadership skills.

Mohamed is an exceptional advocate for young people, particularly those from diverse backgrounds. He seeks to create a more inclusive community free from discrimination.

Zoe Knight

Zoe has been instrumental in initiating and establishing the Junior Park Rangers program in Cruickshank Park.

The Junior Park Rangers initiative provides an outlet for young people to become involved in environmental issues that impact and sustain the community.

Zoe’s ideas have attracted funding in excess of $20,000 for plants, equipment and environmental education for young people. She has actively mobilised children to get involved in a very practical way.

Community Strengthening Award, Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group

Established in 2018, the Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group is comprised of a group of volunteers who developed a list of recommendations to improve monitoring, legislation, planning and regulation of pollution in Maribyrnong and the Inner West.

The group met in excess of 23 times and reached a consensus on required actions and highlighted the need for government to take action to reduce the health and wellbeing impacts of poor air quality on residents.

Enterprise Maribyrnong Award for Contribution to Business Community, Stuart and Liana Lucca-Pope

Stuart and Liana are the owners of Littlefoot Bar, Footscray. During 2020, in what was a horrendous period for the hospitality sector, Stuart and Liana started producing t-shirts.

The colourfully branded ‘F**K COVID-19 Love, Footscray’ shirts brought the community together, while also stimulating the local economy. The t-shirts were a fundraiser in collaboration with a series of other local bars in the Footscray area.

While promoting individual businesses, the t-shirts have also advertised Footscray as a destination to work, live and play.

Stuart is also the current President of the Footscray Traders Association.

Enterprise Maribyrnong Award for New and Emerging Business, Tilegne Therapy

Tilegne Therapy is the first multicultural therapy clinic in Footscray to deliver Allied Health therapy services to the community.

Tilegne creates equal access to therapy for people with disabilities from non-English speaking and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Tilegne Therapy provides a holistic and culturally appropriate approach to therapy that takes into account crucial differences between cultures and ethnicities that may impact on the outcomes of therapy for its clientele.

Enterprise Maribyrnong Award for Innovative Business, Mat O’Keefe, Pride of our Footscray Community Bar

Mat is the Manager of Pride of our Footscray Community Bar is a bar, exhibition space and performance venue providing a safe space for the LGBTIQ community.

Nearly 200 people contributed funds to put together this colourful and friendly community space. The food is locally sourced, as is the beer. Local artists are given the opportunity to display their work for sale and local musicians are welcomed to the stage.

Through Pride of our Footscray Community Bar, Mathew has created a bar that aims to celebrate the best of the neighbourhood and the best of humanity. A place where everyone is welcome.

Active Maribyrnong Sporting Award, Footscray Trugo Club

Footscray Trugo Club was revived in 2015 by a team of hardworking volunteers and supported by the Victorian Trugo Association.

The Club is a welcoming and inclusive space that has helped ease the social isolation felt by many residents during 2020.

Club members have volunteered their time to make improvements to the club court and grounds in collaboration with Council.

Footscray Trugo Club has grown in popularity over the past few years, breathing new life into a sport 80 years after it was established.

Arts Award, The Hansen Reserves

Cover band, The Hansen Reserves, have provided live musical entertainment for fundraising activities including local sporting clubs, schools and charities.

The Hansen Reserves aim to be unexpected, and to bring joy through rock music to the community, to inspire people of all ages to believe in themselves and never take themselves too seriously.

The band have provided music at no cost to the community to enable that community to donate to various fundraising endeavours. They inspire people to get involved in music.

Mayoral Awards, Lee Smith-Moir, Les Twentyman and Rebecca Barnard

Lee Smith-Moir

Lee Smith-Moir is a relative newcomer to our great city, moving to Yarraville in the last five years. In that time, Lee has brought a vibrancy to the community that is completely unique.

Lee’s contribution to the Friends of Cruickshank Park has taken the group to a new level of action and community engagement. However, her capacity for innovation generates a verve in the community that is rarely seen, let alone experienced. Lee brings a magic to Maribyrnong and most particularly to Cruickshank Park.

Les Twentyman

Les Twentyman stands as a giant in the youth and human services sector, with a history that spans over 30 years. He stands for the rights of young people, regardless of economic or social circumstances. Importantly for the people of Maribyrnong, Les is one of our own; Maribyrnong is his home.

Les Twentyman is not only a local hero but a national treasure. The entire community is a more caring and responsive place to those who are genuinely in need because of the work, values and commitment of Les Twentyman.

Rebecca Barnard

Rebecca Barnard has been a member of the Yarraville and Maribyrnong community for 30 years. While a rock star in her own right, and very much part of Australian rock royalty, Rebecca has been an instrumental part of our community.

She has never wavered from stepping up and helping Kingsville Primary with their fundraising events and for the last 15 years she has been a major draw card at the Kingsville Carols. The Stony Creek Music Festival has been underpinned by the Legends of Australian Rock that Rebecca has been able to gather together to perform for the people of Maribyrnong.