Maidstone Community Centre


Maidstone Community Centre is a Council run multi-purpose community centre that welcomes people of all ages, cultures and abilities. We provide an exciting range of community programs and activities focused towards enriching and supporting our community. Our programs include health and wellbeing; language and literacy; digital literacy; art and craft; social and recreational programs.

Maidstone Community Centre is a Neighbourhood Houses Victoria member and works hand in hand with partners, community groups and organisations.


21 Yardley Street, Maidstone 3012




9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday


  • Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Tandoori Oven
  • Community Garden Beds
  • IT Lab
  • Community Hall
  • Rooms for hire

Community Centre programs and activities

Check out our Programs and activities page for all our enrolment opportunities or alternatively you can download our Term 1 Newsletter below.

Recharge Point

Recharge Point.jpg  

Charge your wheelchair or scooter battery here.

Join a community group at our centre



Al-Taubah Association

This Eritrean social group get together weekly and organise activities for families. Children are taught the Tigrean and Arabic languages.

Saeed Khiar

 0401 033 552

Australian Vietnamese Women's Assoc.

Provides activities for Vietnamese seniors. This group allows seniors to socialize, do some gentle exercises and have a healthy meal. They have health presentations and celebrate birthdays.

They also offer Supported Playgroup for Vietnamese Families

 9396 1922


A volunteer run not for profit secular organisation which provides free English support and community services to the Sudanese Australian Community.

Valid Inc

Members of this group gather to inform members about issues relating to the disability sector and community organisation in the local area. 

 Rilk Rviv

0431 761 333

Vietnamese Happy Living with Arthritis

Community Support Group for Vietnamese Seniors.


WeFo Singers

Newly established community choir. We’re a  group of locals who are interested in getting together to share the joy and friendship of  singing.

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