Maribyrnong People & Participation Strategy 2021-2026

The Maribyrnong People and Participation Strategy (MPPS) 2021-2026 has an ambitious and bold vision to reframe how Council supports, develops, and empowers the community to build its social capital through a culture of active participation in community life.  

The MPPS is underpinned by a community development and social justice framework that respects diversity, equity, people, place and planet and is guided by the MPPS Priority Areas to achieve the ambition.

Our priorities 'big ideas' are to Build Capacity, Foster an ecosysytem, Knowledge sharing and evaluation, Community Leadership programming, Community Grants programming, Building resilience, and Communication, promotion and celebration.

To realise big ideas that leverage change requires courage, time, and resources.

The challenges faced by our community thanks to COVID-19, and the social inequity it highlighted, along with the climate emergency, demand that we collaborate to seek solutions that support community endeavour and participation.

Every day, people in our community are participating in ways big and small to make a difference.

It is our role to invest in that participatory action, to ensure it is supported and resourced, to build connections and trust, encourage co-operation and a sense of self-determination, so collectively we can solve problems, find new and innovative solutions, and build our community’s social capital, their health, wellbeing, resilience, and support their participation in civic life.

MPPS Community Report Card

The MPPS Community Report Card 2022-2023 informs the community of how Council is implementing the actions in the MPPS 2021-2026.