New online gambling harm minimisation rules get Council thumbs up

Published on 26 July 2022


Strict new harm minimisation rules for online wagering and betting service providers introduced by the State Government have been welcomed by the Maribyrnong City Council.

The rules include a requirement for providers to deliver monthly account activity statements to customers and for staff members to undertake Responsible Service of Wagering Training.

Mayor Tran said Council supports any regulation that will aid in removing the influence gambling has on members of our community, and especially teenagers who are particularly vulnerable to betting, to help save lives and relationships.

“We know just under six percent (5.8%) of the Victorian population bet on sports. Just over one fifth (11.5%) of those are aged between 18-24 – and nearly three quarters (71.7%) use websites and gambling apps to place their bets.

“By holding online betting companies to account, Government is taking an important step towards minimising gambling harm in our community.”

Mayor Tran said the new rules also align with calls from our community, during recent engagement on Council’s Reducing Harm From Gambling Policy, for more to be done to address the broad negative impacts and social costs of gambling in our community.

“We heard from many who identified as having ‘seen first-hand the harm done by gambling’ which they described as ‘a scourge on our society’. They shared stories of the significant harm, stress, increased domestic violence and negative influence on families, both financial and emotional they had experienced and urged Council to increase its efforts to address the issue”, he said.

The new government measures will be expanded so they apply to any wagering service provider licenced in Victoria, even if they only provide services in other states, to ensure more people will be protected from gambling related harm. They will be enforced by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission and build upon the first tranche of the National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF) implemented in Victoria in 2019.

More information can be found at

Council’s Reducing Harm from Gambling Policy 2022-2030, adopted in June, advocates for a ban on sports betting advertising on television and live stream services in Victoria along with the establishment of a national online gambling ombudsman. It can be found at

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