Permanency proposed post pop-up park pandemic popularity

Published on 13 May 2022

Raleigh Street Pop-up Park

The pop-up parks and parklets, that temporarily replaced under-utilised parking spaces during the pandemic, have proven so popular– consideration is now being given to making some of them permanent.

The pop-up park established in Raleigh Street in Footscray on a 12 month trial basis is just one example.

Part of the existing car park was transformed into an area residents could escape to from inside the confines of their homes to relax, shoot some hoops or perfect their skating.

Remote working and reduced commuter parking meant the area was not being fully utilised at that time.

With the 12 month trial coming to an end, Council wants to know if the community wants the pop-up park to become a permanent fixture, recognising it will also mean the loss of around 30 car parks.

Mayor, Cr Anthony Tran said the pop-up park has been popular with locals providing them with an easily accessible new space for passive and active recreation. But “with life starting to revert back to normal with people returning to the office and commuting by public transport, it is timely to review the community’s preference for the use of this space – as car park or a permanent pop-up park”.

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