Your guide to dog-friendly cafes and bars in Maribyrnong

Published on 15 May 2019


We love our four-legged friends here in Maribyrnong, so it’s no wonder that we’re pretty keen to spend as much time as possible with them when the weekend rolls around. Here’s some options for great cafés and bars in our City where you can bond with your furry best mate whilst enjoying brunch or a few bevvies!

In Australia, dogs or any other animal are not permitted within a food premises. However there are two exceptions, one in relation to assistance dogs and the second is that there are certain outdoor areas where dogs are permitted.

The outdoors areas where dogs are permitted includes where the area:

• is used for dining, drinking or both;

• is not used to prepare food;

• is not an enclosed area; and

• can be enter by the public without passing through an enclosed area.


Cornershop, Yarraville

This popular local cafe dishes up tasty food for breakfast, lunch and dinner with plenty of outdoor seating adjacent to the Yarraville Pop-up Park. Dogs can sit by your heels on the tables for two outside, or lounge around on the turf enjoying pats from passers-by and Sun Theatre movie-goers.    

ADDRESS: 9 Ballarat Street, Yarraville.



Milking Station, Footscray

A stone’s throw from Footscray station, this trendy cafe serves up tasty brunch and lunch 7 days a week and provides plenty of outdoor shaded seating, making it a great choice for large dogs or families with more than one – and there’s never a dog water bowl too far away!

ADDRESS: 35 Bunbury Street, Footscray.



Rudimentary, Footscray

With its large outdoor space and beautiful gardens, Rudimentary offers some peace and quiet amongst the hustle and bustle of Footscray CBD. You'll find delicious food and coffee for breaky and lunch 7 days a week, plus plenty of spots to chill out with a pup or two on one of the main outdoor shaded tables and dog bowls are never too far away.

ADDRESS: 16-20 Leeds Street, Footscray.



 Bar Josephine, Footscray

Bar Joesphine is a super chilled, friendly bar in Footscray and, in their own words, the owners "just love it when our guests bring in their four legged friends!" Featuring a great range of local and imported craft beers and other alcoholic treats, this quirky bar in is fast becoming a favourite with the locals and it’s not hard to see why. Of particular appeal is the recently renovated outdoor courtyard which is also set up well for pups!

ADDRESS: 295 Barkly Street, Footscray.



Woven, Yarraville

Yarraville café favourite Woven features tasty breaky and lunch 7 days a week and when it comes to accommodating your pooch, they are only too happy to oblige! Tables are set up alongside the street with a green space behind so that your dog can lie down in the shade, provided by a mix of footpath trees and umbrellas. There’s also dog bowls right nearby making it all the more welcoming.

ADDRESS: 175B Stephen Street, Yarraville.



Common Galaxia, Seddon

Common Galaxia is another dog-friendly favourite in Seddon, featuring sizable outdoor tables barricaded from the road to protect you and your doggie pal. They are only too happy to bring out a dog water bowl to make your dog feel at home while you feast on some of their delicious creations, which include Wagu burgers, French Toast with vanilla bean ice-cream and some of the most delicious milkshake creations known to man (and dog!)!

ADDRESS: 3/130 Victoria Street, Seddon.



Alfa Bakehouse, Yarraville

Sitting opposite the station on Anderson Street in Yarraville, this decent-sized café has a huge outdoor courtyard with plenty of room for you and your furry friend to stretch your legs! The menu and sandwich bar is amazing too with lots of choice and reasonable prices. There’s also doggie water bowls and lots of shade too, making this the perfect brunch/lunch stop for you and your pooch! Alfa also have a cafe in Seddon which has room for doggies on the pavement out front, making that also a nice choice for your weekend pooch brunch date.

ADDRESS:  42 Anderson St, Yarraville.



Hop Nation, Footscray

Tucked down a side street on an industrial estate, Hop Nation Brewery is a craft brewery, independently owned and operated by good friends and former winemakers Sam Hambour and Duncan Gibson. Dog friendly with a great range of delicious beers as well as some tasty snacks (you can also order in food from delivery services if you fancy) this is definitely one to check out with your pup!

ADDRESS:  6/107-109 Whitehall St, Footscray



West 48, Footscray

Located in the back streets of Footscray, West 48 has firmly established itself as a favourite with the locals. Regulars gather around communal tables and feast on delicious brunch and lunch offerings with local and ethically sourced produce. And the best part? They are just crazy about dogs! “The more dogs the better!” they say on their website and it's clear by the look of the dogs lounging out the front that they practice what they preach! There are dog bowls a plenty by the outside tables and they are an approved fundraiser for the Lost Dogs Home, matching every dollar donated by customers via their donation tin. Aw...

ADDRESS: 48 Essex Street, West Footscray




Situated in the middle of suburban West Footscray next to a school on a quiet street, this cafe is beautifully designed and this sense of style carries through everything they do, from the interior design through to the menu and their ingredients. For the pups, Dumbo has plenty of outdoor seating along the road as well as in the courtyard, which is spacious with shade to shelter from the summer heat.

ADDRESS: 1 Argyle St, West Footscray

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