Pipemakers Park

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Pipemakers Park is an eight hectare reserve located on Van Ness Avenue in Maribyrnong, on the Maribyrnong River and comprises of:
  • Burton Crescent Reserve located north along the Maribyrnong River.
  • Frogs Hollow Wetlands located to the south.
  • Thompson Reserve which is a four hectare reserve to the west along Gordon Street.


History and heritage

Pipemakers Park is of national historical, social and architectural significance* as some of the oldest and most substantial early industrial structures are associated with technological innovations in manufacturing.
Pipemakers Park's heritage features relate to several separate innovative industries stretching over 140 years, and includes:
  • The boiling down works which was one of the first of its type in Australia and the largest in Victoria.
  • The Melbourne Meat Preserving Company that pioneered meat preserving with the use of a vacuum process.
  • The Australian Frozen Meat Export Company which is credited with the first successful frozen meat export in the world.
  • Hume Pipes an innovator in the field of concrete pipe manufacturing and the first Australian company to export a manufacturing technology as opposed to a raw material or product.

This site encapsulates the history of industrial development in Melbourne and represents some of its major development phases. Architecturally, the buildings represent advanced construction techniques from the period.  The industrial buildings from the mid-nineteenth century are exceptionally rare in Melbourne.

*Victorian Heritage Database Report

Features of Pipemakers Park

Pubic Art Installation

Pipedreams by renowned Australian public sculptor and designer, Matthew Harding stands 8 metres high and 12 metres wide and is sculptured from fabricated marine grade stainless steel.

From dusk until midnight this striking piece of public art comes to life by incorporating changing patterns of light.


The nature playspace was designed to connect children and their families with nature. The theme ‘Layers of Country’ was developed by Wurundjeri artist Mandy Nicholson. The play elements are designed to reflect the natural and industrial history of the surrounding parkland.  Two play towers sit within the natural bush and provide challenge for all ages.

The playground features experiences for all abilities and encourages movement, climbing, sand and water play, natural exploration and discovery which was funded by a grant from the Victoria Government.  To view the playground area see take a look at the photo gallery at the bottom of this page.


Pipemakers park is home to the Eco-Museum which focuses on the industrial, environmental, social and Indigenous history of the area.

Park bookings

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Community Events and Festivals

If you would like to hold a community event or festival in Pipemakers Park for between 150 and 5,000 attendees you will need to apply for an event permit.  For more information or to submit an event permit application please visit our event permit application webpage below.

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