Draft Parking Management Policy - Community Advisory Group

Represent your community

Let’s work together to ensure fair and equitable access to parking across our City.

Nominations are now closed for the City of Maribyrnong Parking Management Community Advisory Group.

The Group will comprise of residents and key business representatives from the identified precincts across the municipality. The Group will advise Council on the development and implementation of the new Draft Parking Management Policy 2017.

Am I an eligible community / resident representative for the Community Advisory Group?

To be eligible, you must be able to provide proof of residence within the City of Maribyrnong and provide a candidate statement of no more than 150 words outlining your suitability for the role.

The role of the Community Advisory Group will be to advise Council on the:

  • appropriateness of identified control points as proposed in the policy
  • the process prioritising precinct data collection
  • transparency/ adequacy of data collection methods
  • adequacy of community engagement process
  • required frequency of reporting on traffic data

In relation to the precinct planning:

  • appropriate precinct boundaries

The results of the poll will be published on Your City, Your Voice.

The first meeting of the Community Advisory Group will occur on a weekend in early August and will be facilitated by an independent facilitator. The subsequent meeting times of the Community Advisory Group will be determined by the group at the first meeting. The group will meet no more than six times in one year.

DRAFT - Parking Management Policy 2017(PDF, 1MB)

Community Advisory Group Nomination Form(PDF, 77KB)