Number of Animals Permitted

Pets Number of Pets Permitted

Under Council's Local Laws(PDF, 268KB), a multiple pet permit is required to keep more than the prescribed number of animals at a property:

Type of Animal Maximum Allowed On Land

 Maximum Allowed - Multi Residential Dwelling

Budgerigars, canaries and finches 25 5
Pigeons 10 Not Permitted
Racing pigeons 30 Not Permitted
Poultry (except roosters) 10 Not Permitted
Dogs (over three (3) months old) 3 2
Dogs (under three (3) months old) 4 4
Cats (over three (3) months old) 3 2
Cats (under three (3) months old) 4 4
Reptiles 10 5
Ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits or mice 8 2


The application process

1. Apply to Council

To keep more than three dogs or cats, please complete the application form(PDF, 225KB) and submit to Council

2. Arranging an inspection

We will contact you to arrange a time for us to inspect your property for yard size, adequate fencing and appropriate sleeping quarters. We will also speak to your surrounding neighbours. You may wish to discuss this matter with your neighbours before the inspection.

3. Registering your animals

If we issue the permit, it is your responsibility to register your dogs and cats.

Are you registering multiple restricted breed dogs?

To keep more than two restricted breed dogs, fill out our request form(PDF, 136KB) and submit to Council.