Report dumped rubbish and litter

It is illegal to litter and dump rubbish. This includes dumped cars or large household items, construction waste, overflowing public bins and litter thrown from cars.

Your report will help us take action against offenders and keep our streets clean. State laws allow us to take action and issue fines, including ‘on the spot’ fines. Matters can end up in court.

What information do you need?

If you spot someone in a car littering, keep record of the:

  • vehicle registration
  • make and model of the vehicle
  • time and place that the offence was committed
  • type of litter that was deposited.

Please keep any notes you make, in case the matter proceeds to court.

Report a litterer

To report a litterer you can submit a request online.

Submit a request online

Alternatively, you can

Have you been fined?

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