Gender Equality Action Plan 2022-2025

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Under the Victorian Gender Equality Act 2020,  local government are is required to prepare and publish a Gender Equality Action Plan every four years. This Action Plan must be grounded in the results of a workplace gender audit and meaningful consultation with employees and other stakeholders and set out strategies and actions to drive measurable progress against seven key workplace gender equality indicators.

Council is committed to responding to the needs of our diverse community and is pleased to share the 2022-2025 Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP). Our GEAP is supported by Council’s long-standing commitment to improving gender equity, which is endorsed in Council’s strategy, Towards Gender Equity 2030. The strategy sets our long-term commitment and guides investment and action to achieve gender equality, prevent family violence and respond to the needs of victims of family violence in Maribyrnong.

Our GEAP outlines the steps Council will take to become safer and more gender equitable. The strategies and actions in this plan will build on and complement our existing program of work in the community. 

Our Strategies At A Glance


Action Plan Indicator Overarching 1
Establish an effective governance and accountability framework for progress towards workplace gender equality.
Action Plan Indicator Overarching 2
Improve workforce data collection capabilities for gender and inclusion measures as required under the Victorian Gender Equality Act 2020.


Action Plan Indicator 1

Indicator 1: Workforce composition

  • Strengthen leaders’ confidence and capability to lead a gender equitable and inclusive workforce.
  • Increase diversity of representation in leadership positions across all Council directorates.

Action Plan Indicator 2

Indicator 2: Composition of governing body

  • Strengthen intersectional gender data collection for Councillors.
  • Improve Council confidence and capability to promote workplace gender equality.

Action Plan Indicator 3

Indicator 3: Equal remuneration

  • Increase organisational literacy on pay gap analysis, driving factors and mechanisms for reducing pay gaps.

Action Plan Indicator 4

Indicator 4: Sexual harassment

  • Take steps to make sure all staff feel safe and confident in the workplace.
  • Ensure we have the structures, practices and culture to respond appropriately to staff and stakeholders affected by violence, discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment.

Action Plan Indicator 5

Indicator 5: Recruitment and promotion

  • Embed gender equality into our attraction, recruitment, onboarding and promotion processes.

Action Plan Indicator 6

Indicator 6: Leave and flexibility

  • Support women, men and gender diverse employees to utilise flexible work options without penalty.
  • Support women, men and gender diverse employees to access parental and carer’s leave entitlements.
  • Continue to strengthen internal practice related to disclosures of family violence for employees.

Action Plan Indicator 7

Indicator 7: Gendered segregation of the workforce

  • Partner with leaders to pilot approaches to addressing workplace gender segregation.

 Our Action Plan

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