Active Paths Program

Council, in partnership with local primary schools and VicRoads, have introduced the Active Paths Program.

The Active Paths Program has been designed for parents of primary school students who want to ride, walk, scoot or skate their way to school.  Not only is this a fun way for children to start their school day, it also provides daily physical activity while having fun with friends.  Check out each of the participating schools and choose your active path below.

Choose Your Active Path

To check out the active paths for your school make sure that only your school has a tick beside it and then select the search button for our map to appear.

Click on the coloured lines on the map to find out the distance and estimated travel time (if walking) for that path.

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Take Care When Crossing Roads

As part of our Road Safety Program, we encourage everyone to exercise care when crossing any road, and wherever possible always cross at traffic lights or designated pedestrian crossings.  When crossing with children we recommend parents and/or supervising adults cross while holding hands until you have crossed the entire width of the road.

Be mindful that when you are listening to music or on a mobile phone call that you observe your surroundings before stepping onto any road.