Parking Management Policy 2017

The Parking Management Policy (the Policy) provides principles to guide parking in the City for residents, business, workers and visitors, it aims to:

  • Provide car based visitor access that maximises both attractiveness and visitation to the activity precincts.
  • Optimises community benefit by ensuring high vehicle turn over
  • Maintains and enhances residential amenity.

The Policy was developed with the input from the Community Advisory Group established with members representing residents and key traders/venue operators across the eight identified precincts, these precincts include:

  • Braybrook
  • Footscray CBD
  • Footscray Hospital
  • Highpoint
  • Seddon
  • West Footscray
  • Whitten Oval
  • Yarraville.

For the latest information download the Annual Parking Management Report 2020 below.