Welcome to the Footscray Town Hall Virtual Tour

As part of Open House Melbourne 2022, we’re opening our virtual doors for you to take a look around and learn about the important local history of our magnificent building.

The virtual tour will take you back in time as you learn the history of the building which was first constructed in 1875 before being replaced in 1936, and now enters its next phase with redevelopment works commencing in 2022.

To navigate the tour we’ve used pins to highlight items of interest.  Below are the details explaining each of the pin colours and available views.

Open House Blue Pin.png
Town Hall facts
Open House Yellow Pin.png
Images of interest
Open House Purple Pin.png
General points of interest
Open House Red Pin.png
Historical public notices
Open House 3D view.jpg
Tour in 3D
Open House Dollhouse view.jpg
Tour via dollhouse view
Open House Floor View.jpg
Tour by floor
Open House measurement.jpg
Take a measurement