Swimming Pools and Spas


New laws for pool and spa owners

On 1 December 2019, the Victorian Government is introducing new laws to improve pool and spa safety. 

If you own a property with a pool or spa, you will need to:

  1. Register your pool or spa with Council
  2. Have your safety barrier inspected and certified by a registered building surveyor or inspector
  3. Lodge a certificate with Council to show that your barrier meets legal requirements
  4. Ensure you carry out an inspection every 4 years

The new, state-wide regulations aim to make swimming pools and spas safe to be around, especially for our children.  These require year round attention as it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain compliance of safety barriers at all times

In Victoria, more than 80 per cent of pool and spa barriers aren't meeting safety standards. On average, four children die in pools and spas every year.

Register your pool or spa

Registrations open on 1 December 2019.

In ground, above ground, inflatable and relocatable pools and spas that have the capacity to contain water that is more than 300mm (30cm) deep, require to be registered and are required to have swimming pool safety barriers.

How to register

You will be able to register your pool or spa through our online Swimming Pool or Spa Registration Form.

If you have any other queries regarding registration, please contact our Customer Service team on 9688 0200.


Prescribed through the Building Regulations 2018, administration fees will be required to be paid to register your pool or spa. This fee is determined based on the nature of your application and if Council are required to conduct additional document searches such as for pre-existing permits or documentation where not provided by the applicant.

A separate statutory fee will be applicable on the submission of your Certificate of Compliance for your safety barrier.

Download the Building Services schedule of fees and charges(PDF, 327KB) to view current fees associated with building applications and requests for information.

After you register

After you register your pool or spa, we will advise you on which Australian Standard your barrier applies to and the next steps in this process.

Before you can arrange an inspection, you need to know which standards apply to your barrier.

Inspecting your barrier

To ensure that your safety barrier meets the legal requirements, you are required to engage a registered building surveyor or building inspector to carry out an inspection of your safety barrier

For piece of mind, below are some items that you can check yourself:

  • barriers must be rigid and secure
  • gates must be self-closing and self-latching
  • ensure that objects like pot plants, furniture and other climbable objects are moved a minimum 1.2m away from the barrier

Visit the Victorian Building Authority's pool and spa safety barrier website for more tips on how to keep your safety barrier compliant.

Remember that safety barriers are no substitute for active adult supervision of children around water

Building permits for pools and spas

If you are thinking about adding a pool or spa to your property, or want to alter your pool barrier, you’ll need a Building Permit to ensure it will meet legal requirements. You will need to engage a Private Building Surveyor to obtain a Building Permit.