Planning Scheme Amendment C164 - Maribyrnong DCP

The Maribyrnong Development Contribution Plan (DCP) was prepared to help fund new infrastructure, replace or upgrade existing infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing community.  It requires developers to pay a contribution towards local infrastructure like roads, bike paths, open space upgrades, and some community facilities. 

About the Amendment

Amendment C164 amended the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme by:

  • Inserting Schedule 2 to Clause 45.06 Development Contributions Plan Overlay
  • Amending the Schedule to Clause 72.06 to include the Maribyrnong Development Contributions Plan 2021 into the list of Incorporated Documents
  • Applying DCPO2 maps over the municipality and listing them in the Schedule to Clause 72.06

The DCP applies to all land in the City of Maribyrnong except Commonwealth land and some exemptions.  All new developments that add dwellings and/or create new commercial, retail or industrial floor area are subject to the DCP. 

The DCP would help to fund 193 projects with a total project cost of $144 million (in 2019 dollars). It ensures the cost of delivering infrastructure is fairly and reasonably apportioned between existing and new development. 

The DCP has two components, the Development Infrastructure Levy (DIL) and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which are payable at different key milestones during the planning and development process. 

The preparation of the DCP was guided by Victorian Government legislation and guidelines, and was informed by various Council policies, strategies and plans. 


The amendment was publicly exhibited from July to September 2020.  The amendment and all submissions received were referred to an independent Planning Panel for consideration.  The Panel held hearings in April 2021 and released a report recommending the adoption of the amendment.

Council supported the Panel's recommendation and adopted the Amendment in July 2021.  The Amendment was approved with conditions by the Minister for Planning and came into effect on 20 October 2022.

For a copy of the approved Amendment, please refer to the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning's Amendments portal. The links below provide downloads of other documents described on this page. 

More information

Click on the button below to go to Council's DCP webpage for more information about charge areas, estimated levy fees, and other payment related matters. The DCP webpage also has a factsheet that provides advice to frequently asked questions.  

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