Reference and Incorporated documents

Below you will find reference and incorporated documents to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

Reference documents are documents listed in Clause 21.12 of the Planning Scheme. They generally provide background information to assist in understanding the context within which a provision has been framed.

Incorporated documents are documents listed in Clause 72.04 of the Planning Scheme. They form part of the Planning Scheme and help guide decision making on planning matters.

This page only shows local incorporated documents listed in Schedule to Clause 72.04 of the Planning Scheme.  In addition to local incorporated documents, the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) website provide access to incorporated documents that apply to all of Victoria and the Metropolitan region. The DTP website is regularly updated and represent the most up-to-date source of this information.

Reference documents


Review of Retail Development and Activity Centre Policy 2009 Peter McNabb and Associates for Maribyrnong City Council

Environment and Landscape Values

Carbon Neutral Action Plan (2008)

Greenhouse Reduction Strategy (2006)

Maribyrnong Landscape Guidelines (2005)

Maribyrnong River Valley Vision and Design Guidelines (2010)(PDF, 25MB)

Natural Heritage Study (2001)(PDF, 5MB)

Peak Oil Policy and Action Plan (2008)

Significant Tree Register (2021)(PDF, 63MB)

Stony Creek Linear Park Feasibility Study (2003)

Stony Creek Project Directions Plan (1999)

Sustainable Water Management Plan (2006)

Built Environment and Heritage

Australia ICOMOS Inc, The Burra Charter, (The Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance) (1999)

Biosis Research, Aboriginal Heritage Study, Maribyrnong City Council (2001)

Ecology Australia Pty Ltd & Environmental Geosurveys Pty Ltd, Natural Heritage Study, (2001)

Graeme Butler and Associates, Footscray Conservation Study (1989)

Heritage Victoria, The Heritage Overlay: Guidelines for Assessing Planning Permit Application, (draft 2007)

HLA-Envirosciences Pty Ltd, Archaeological Management Plan: Early Post Contact Sites, (2001)

Jill Barnard, Graeme Butler, Francine Gilfedder & Gary Vines, Maribyrnong Heritage Review, Volumes 1-7 (2001)(ZIP, 5MB)  

The Heritage Plan (2001)(PDF, 571KB)

Trevor Westmore for Footscray City Council, Yarraville Village Enhancement Study (1990)

Heritage Alliance and Graeme Butler and Associates, Footscray CAA Heritage Citations, Maribyrnong City Council, 2013


Maribyrnong Neighbourhood Character Guidelines

Maribyrnong Neighbourhood Character Review (February 2010)

Maribyrnong Housing Strategy (December 2011)(PDF, 8MB)

Urban Design and Context Report: 142 Ashley Street, Maidstone, Roberts Day Consultants, November 2015 (updated January 2019)(PDF, 48MB)

Economic Development

Central West Major Activity Centre Structure Plan (2008)(PDF, 5MB)

Footscray CAA Structure Plan (2013)(PDF, 10MB)

Footscray Skyline Study (2012)(PDF, 16MB)

Freight Futures, Victorian Freight Network Strategy (2009)

Gordon and Mephan Precinct Framework Plan (February 2015)(PDF, 3MB)

Highpoint Activity Centre Structure Plan (2008)

Highpoint Planning and Urban Design Framework (September 2015)(PDF, 13MB)

Maidstone Hampstead Road East Framework Plan (2012 – updated Nov 2015)(PDF, 11MB)

Maribyrnong City Council Electronic Gaming Machines Reference Document (August 2012)(PDF, 6MB)

Maribyrnong City Council Managing the Impacts of Licensed Premises (2015)(PDF, 1017KB)

Maribyrnong Economic and Industrial Development Strategy Part 1 – Economic Development Strategy (2011)(PDF, 4MB)

Maribyrnong Economic and Industrial Development Strategy Part 2 – Industrial Land Strategy (2011)(PDF, 6MB)

Port Development Strategy 2035 Vision (2009)

Seddon Urban Design Framework (2004)(PDF, 3MB)

West Footscray Neighbourhood Plan (2018 - updated October 2022)(PDF, 26MB)

Western Region Employment & Industrial Development Strategy, August 2007 Ratio Consultants Pty Ltd in association with National Institute of Economic & Industry Research, C.B. Richard Ellis, CSIRO Transport Futures

Yarraville Port Environs Local Planning Policy (2010)

Yarraville Village Urban Design and Traffic Management Strategy (2006)


Guidelines for the Development of Green Travel Plans and Transport Access Guides (2003)

Maribyrnong Integrated Transport Strategy (2001)

Maribyrnong Strategic Bicycle Plan (2004)

Maribyrnong Way-Finding Strategy

Footscray CAA Car Parking Study, GTA (2013)

Community and Development Infrastructure

City of Maribyrnong Open Space Strategy, Thompson Berrill Landscape Design Pty Ltd in association with Environment & Land Management Pty Ltd, 2014(PDF, 9MB)

City of Maribyrnong Open Space Strategy, Public Open Space Contributions Program Report, prepared by Environment & Land Management Pty Ltd in association with Thompson Berrill Landscape Design Pty Ltd, 2015(PDF, 964KB)

Playground Strategy, 2008-2013 (2008)

Recreation Strategy (2009)

Sports Development Strategy (2005)

Ageing Well Policy and Action Plan 2004-2016

Arts and Cultural Development Strategy 2007-2012

Disability Policy and Action Plan 2007-2012

Drug Strategy 2006

Gambling Policy and Action Plan 2003

Our City Our children, City of Maribyrnong, 2007

Asset Management Policy and Strategy (2003)

Drainage Management Strategy (2000)

Footpath Policy (2000)

Laneway Strategy (2007)

Public Lighting Policy (2008)

Road and Footpath Asset Management Plan (2004)

Urban Stormwater Best Practice Environmental Management Guidelines (Melbourne Water) (1999)

Waste Minimisation Strategy 2004-2009 (2004)

Incorporated documents

53 Hampstead Road, Maidstone Temporary Residential Facility Incorporated Document, April 2020(PDF, 112KB)

23 Frederick Street, Yarraville(PDF, 47KB)

Bradmill Site, 341-351 Francis Street, Yarraville: HO 125 Incorporated Plan(PDF, 225KB)

Business Identification Signage, 72-74 Napier Street, Footscray, September 2013(PDF, 7MB)

Elm street tree avenue, Ballarat Road Maidstone: HO88 Incorporated Plan(PDF, 101KB)

Footscray Station Precinct Development Plan (2004)(PDF, 148KB)

Former Mt Lyell site, 295 Whitehall Street, Yarraville: HO184 Incorporated Plan(PDF, 231KB)

Graham Campbell Ferrum, 260 Geelong Road, West Footscray: HO128 Incorporated Plan(PDF, 182KB)

Historical Archaeological Management Plan, 2006 (amended 2013)(PDF, 177KB)

Joseph Road Precinct Development Contributions Plan July 2019(PDF, 47MB)

Lower Maribyrnong Concept Plan 1984 approved by the State Government on 17 December 1986(PDF, 4MB)

M1 Redevelopment Project, October 2006(PDF, 62KB)

Maribyrnong Development Contributions Plan, July 2021(PDF, 4MB)

Melbourne Metro Rail Project: Incorporated Document, May 2018(PDF, 5MB)

Melbourne Metro Rail Project: Compensatory Flood Storage Incorporated Document, August 2018(PDF, 593KB)

Melbourne Metro Rail Project: Upgrades to the Rail Network Incorporated Document, May 2018(PDF, 12MB)

New Footscray Hospital Incorporated Document, December 2020(PDF, 75KB)

Peppercorn tree avenues, railway reserve north of Seddon Station: HO98 Incorporated Plan(PDF, 112KB)

Permit Exemptions in Heritage Precincts Incorporated Plan, October 2018(PDF, 1MB)

Riverside Physical Framework Plan No. 1, 10 November 1992(PDF, 128KB)

Riverside Physical Framework Plan No. 2, 10 November 1992(PDF, 170KB)

West Gate Tunnel Project Incorporated Document, December 2017(PDF, 10MB)

Whitten Oval Redevelopment Victoria University, July 2008(PDF, 46KB)

Whitten Oval Redevelopment, October 2007(PDF, 16KB)

Yarraville Terminal Station, 308 Hyde Street, Yarraville: HO 130 Incorporated Plan(PDF, 223KB)