Significant Tree Register


Council is committed to protecting significant trees to safeguard our City's natural and cultural heritage and preserve the many benefits of trees in the urban landscape.

The Maribyrnong Significant Tree Register 2021 was established to protect significant trees that are an important part of our City's natural heritage. 

Our register includes 73 individual and three pairs of trees on private land. The trees were identified through community nominations and site inspections and were assessed by independent arborists.

You can learn about the trees on our register by downloading the map or register in the links below.  

What makes a tree significant?

Trees can be significant for a number of reasons, including their visual, aesthetic, social, cultural or horticultural/ botanical characteristics and age or size. Some are also located prominently in the landscape contributing to streetscape or the wider landscape.

The criteria used to assess a tree’s significance is based on the National Trust Significant Tree Register, which forms the basis of other registers in Victoria. To be considered for the register the tree must meet at least one criteria.

See the links below for a detailed explanation of each significance criteria.  

In addition to recognising these values, large canopy trees form an important part of cooling our urban environment and providing habitat for wildlife.  

How are significant trees protected?

A planning control called the Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO) protects significant trees on our register. It applies to properties with trees on the register and neighbouring properties in the Tree Protection Zone (canopy and root area).

Under the ESO, a planning permit is required to remove, destroy or lop a significant tree or construct in the Tree Protection Zone.

The ESO was introduced in February 2022 through Amendment C163 to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme. You can learn more about Amendment C163 in the links below.


How do I know if a particular tree is on the register?

The planning controls protecting significant trees apply to properties located in the Tree Protection Zone (canopy and root area). This may extend on to neighbouring properties.

Refer to the links below for a list of the trees on the register and neighbouring properties in the Tree Protection Zone. 

To find out more about the planning controls protecting the trees, follow the link to Amendment C163 below. 


Can I nominate a tree for the register?

Yes, you can send us a nomination at any time. Nominations will be considered as part of the review of the register, proposed to occur in 2025.   

To assist in the assessment process, please provide as much information about the tree and be as specific in your descriptions as possible. The nomination should include contact details of the nominee, the street address and description/map showing where on the block it is located, photograph, tree species, approximate age and reason why the tree is being nominated. Please also indicate which significance criteria you believe the tree may fulfill (refer to description of criteria in links below). 

Nominations can be made in writing to:

Manager City Places

Maribyrnong City Council

PO Box 58

Footscray VIC 3011

Or by email to

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More information

To view the register, location of significant trees and other background information, follow the links below.

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