Memorials in Public Open Space Policy

Council currently has a variety of memorials across the city. From time to time Council is approached with a request to establish a new memorial for persons or events in public open space.

The Memorials in Public Open Space Policy provides guidance to those interested in submitting a proposal for a new memorial and provides Council with a process and mechanism to review submissions.

The objectives of this policy are to ensure:

  • All memorial submissions follow the same criteria.
  • Only memorials that recognise a significant contribution by an individual or group to the cultural, political or social development of the City of Maribyrnong are built.
  • Memorials are appropriately located.
  • Design outcomes are appropriate.
  • Establishment of an agreed level of maintenance responsibility.
  • Protection of the amenity and particular values of public open space, while allowing appropriate memorials to be installed in public open space.