Road Management Plan 2021 and Roads Register

Maribyrnong City Council's Road Management Plan is a document that sets out the maintenance standards and inspection time frames for assets within the road reserve which Council is responsible for. The Plan identifies the standards for the repair and maintenance of roads and all of its road related assets, as well as the management of civil liability of the road assets within Council’s control.

In accordance with section 50 of the Road Management Act 2004, the purpose of the Road Management Plan is:

  • To provide safe and efficient road network for use by members of public.
  • To establish a management system for Council to inspect, maintain and repair the assets within the public road reserves for which it is responsible based on policy and operational objectives having regard to available resources.
  • To form the basis of Council’s legal defence against litigation for damages and injury arising from ‘defective’ components of the road asset.
  • To set the relevant standard in relation to discharge of duties in the performance of Council’s road management functions maintenance of the road network and assets within road reserves.

In 2021, pursuant to Section 54(5) of the Road Management Act 2004, Council conducted and completed a review of the Road Management Plan and the review process identified that the Road Management Plan is considered reasonable and appropriate at time of review. A report of the summary of findings and conclusions of the review, which was endorsed by Council is available for download at the bottom of the page.

A copy of Council’s Road Management Plan and the Register of Public Roads can also be downloaded below.