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Published on 04 May 2020


With many more people at home at the moment, and as the cooler weather approaches, many locals are spending more time indoors and decluttering their homes. During this time, it is important that we remember to stay safe and manage our waste correctly.  

According to the Victorian Government’s current Stage 3 restrictions, the only reasons to leave your home are shopping for essentials; medical care; exercise and work and education that can’t be completed remotely. As such, leaving your home to recycle and donate items is not deemed ‘essential’, and residents are advised to hold on to these items until restrictions are lifted.  

Please also remember to sort your waste and use your bins correctly. If you are unsure what items can go in your recycling, green waste, and general waste bins, please download our bins and recycling app or visit our website for more details.  

Since the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions, we have seen a significant rise in the amount of bin contamination and illegal dumping, with recycling and charity bins being overwhelmed by dumped waste. When using Council’s clothing and electrical recycling hubs, please remember that these hubs accept small electrical items and clothing only. Dumping any other items at these locations, or in the community, is illegal and does incur penalties.

Illegal dumping not only costs the community money to pick it up, it also costs local charities money and makes our environment unsafe for everyone. If you witness any illegal dumpling, please report it to Council immediately via email, website or phone on (03) 9688 0200.  

If you have hard waste items that you would like to have collected, Council can assist via our hard waste collection service. Please visit our website for more information on how to use the service, what items are accepted, and how to book a collection. You can also find some great programs and advice to help reduce waste at home.  

What can go in each of my bins?

Recycling Bin – aluminium cans, paper, cardboard, hard plastic containers, aluminium foil scrunched up into a ball, glass bottles and jars.

Green Waste Bin – weeds, plant clippings, grass, tree leaves and small branches.

Landfill/Waste Bin – soft plastics, single use items, take away containers and nappies.  

Visit the website for more information,


Message from the Mayor, Cr Sarah Carter

“Keeping our City clean and safe is important to ensure the health and well-being of our community. If you are tidying up at home, I encourage you to refresh yourself with Council’s waste guidelines so we can work together to keep our community safe and our City looking great.”

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