Free Renewable Energy Workshops


Transitioning to 100% renewable energy means energy from solar, wind and water must be used for all our power needs, including for heating and transport.

The good news is, making the switch at home is very achievable and can result in significant energy bill savings. To help you get started, Maribyrnong has come together with other councils from the Western Alliance for Greenhouse Alliance to bring you a series of expert online events from the sustainability and energy experts at Renew, who have been providing independent advice for over 40 years.

Buying GreenPower

First up we’ll be exploring GreenPower, the government accredited renewable energy product offered by most electricity retailers to households and businesses in Australia. But what actually is GreenPower, and does it live up to its name? Join independent energy expert Dean Lombard as we get to the bottom of GreenPower, and find out which option is best for you.


All-Electric Homes

Electrification is a term that is become more and more common, as people move away from gas to make their homes as sustainable and affordable as possible. Australian households could be saving up to $5000 per year by replacing all major household appliances with energy efficient electric appliances, purchasing an electric bike and car, and generating renewable energy through rooftop solar.

Session One


Session Two

Energy in the Community

New technologies are on the horizon that will create new opportunities for people to meet their energy needs or interact with the energy system, like virtual power plants, neighbourhood and community batteries, energy sharing/trading, microgrids, and solar gardens. Community energy projects are becoming more popular, as people seek out independence from the grid.


Winter Energy Efficiency for Renters

Energy efficient homes are more comfortable and cheaper to heat, and there are some simple improvements you can make even in a rental property. 


Winter Energy Efficiency for Owners

With rising energy prices, now is the time to make your home more energy efficient. Not only will you save money, but you will be warmer this winter. This online session will help guide you where to start and what to prioritise.


Electric Vehicles

With fuel prices rising steadily, it’s time for Australians to embrace electric vehicles. But finding independent advice can be tricky! This online event will give you the information that you need to go electric.



Solar and Batteries

Every home has slightly different requirements for a rooftop solar array, and every lifestyle has different energy usage that will impact which system will suit best. Choosing the right rooftop solar for your home can be difficult, and home battery setups can be equally confusing. This online event will give you the information that you need to make informed choice.


Summer Energy Efficiency

During Summer heatwaves, energy efficiency in the home becomes crucial for health as well as comfort. Yet many Australian homes need major improvement, and some changes are simple and affordable.

Designing for Resilience

With extreme weather events becoming more common, it’s time to start thinking about how to retrofit, renovate, or design your home to be resilient for years to come.