Report food safety concerns

What can you report?

Please contact us if you are concerned about:

  • food premises cleanliness, food presentation or food handler hygiene practices
  • contamination of food (purchased from food businesses or supermarkets) such as foreign objects
  • suspected food poisoning
  • insufficient ventilation or illegal dumping of food and oil.

When reporting contaminated food

Please try to keep the food without removing the contaminant.

When reporting food poisoning

The symptoms of food poisoning include vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, fever and generally feeling unwell.

Please report the incident as soon as possible and keep any remaining food by wrapping it in clean plastic and storing it in the fridge.

Note We can only investigate reports about business that are located within the City of Maribyrnong. If the business is outside Maribyrnong, please contact the relevant council.

How do you report?

Report it online


  • call 9688 0200
  • download our service request app for iOS and Android.

All reported issues will be kept confidential under the Food Act.

More information

We undertake annual inspections of each food business in Maribyrnong to ensure they’re complying with important health and safety requirements under the Food Act 1984.

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