Apply for a disabled parking permit


Applicants must be examined and assessed by a medical practitioner. Level of disability is a factor in determining the eligibility for a disabled parking permit, age is not.

Permit types

  • Category 1 (or blue) permits allow the vehicle to be parked in designated bays for persons with disability and allow twice the specified time in a time limited area.
  • Category 2 (or green) permits do not allow the vehicle to be parked in designated bays for persons with disability, however these permits do allow vehicles to be parked in a time limited area for twice the length of time specified.

How to apply

Fill out the Application for disabled parking permit form(PDF, 185KB) and submit to Council.

All applications must be completed by you and a doctor.


Disabled parking permits are free. Permits are generally valid for three years and temporary permits are valid for six months (depending on the disability). A new form must be lodged after a temporary permit has expired.

If you lose your permit, please complete a statutory declaration(PDF, 13KB) stating the circumstances of the loss.

Conditions of Use

  • The permit must be displayed on the left side of the front windscreen and the permit number and expiry date must be clearly visible from outside of the vehicle.
  • The driver using the permit must either be the permit holder or parking the vehicle for the convenience of the permit holder.
  • A permit is not valid if it has expired or the permit number or date is not clearly legible.
  • Only one permit per person is permitted.
  • The permit remains the property of Council and must be returned within seven days if requested by Council.
  • When parking in a pay/ticket parking area, you must purchase and display a ticket. However, you can stay for twice as long as the time you purchased.

When requested by an authorised officer, a driver using a permit must:

  • State his/her name and address
  • Produce his/her driver’s licence
  • Produce the relevant valid disabled persons permit
  • Show proof that he/she or a passenger in the vehicle is the permit holder
  • If the officer deems that the permit is invalid, you may be asked to move the vehicle from the reserved space.


Travelling Interstate

Permits issued under this scheme are recognised in other states and territories which have reciprocal arrangements agreed to by the Australian Transport Advisory Council.



Organisations based in the Maribyrnong City Council that provide a transport service for people with significant ambulatory or intellectual disabilities may apply.

Your application must be a letter or e-mail from the organisation's management confirming: full organisation name, organisation address and contact details, number of permits needed along with a detailed reason why the permit/s are needed. You can then submit to Council.