Apply for a Residential or Visitor Parking Permit

Parking Permits Residential.png

The parking permits available to you depends on your answers to the below.

Where do you live?

Look at the parking zone map(PDF, 1MB) to find out if you live in the Footscray, Southern or Outer zone. Parking permits are more restricted in the busier suburb of Footscray.

What type of dwelling do you live in?

Single residence properties can apply for more permits than dual residences (properties containing two residences) and multi-residences (three or more residences).

Vehicle specific permit: a sticker displayed on the windscreen of registered vehicles

Visitor permit: a transferable permit between vehicles for visitors when attending the residential property.

Use your answers to determine what permits you can apply for.

Parking Zones

Property Type

Number of Permits


Single Residence

Maximum 2 permits
Vehicle specific OR Visitor


Dual Residence Maximum 1 Permit
Vehicle specific OR Visitor per dwelling


Multi Residence

No new permits approved
*Current permit to remain in place till property sold or tenants leave


Single Residence

Max 3 permits
Combination can include 2 visitor permits maximum


Dual Residence

Maximum 2 permits
Vehicle specific OR Visitor per dwelling


Multi Residence

Maximum 1 permit
Vehicle specific OR Visitor per dwelling


Single and Dual Residence Maximum 3 permits
Combination can include 2 visitor permits maximum


Multi Residence

Maximum 2 permits
Vehicle specific OR Visitor per dwelling

Note - permits are not issued for heavy vehicles (>4.5 tonnes), long vehicles (>7.5 metres) or for commercial and industrial properties (unless you live in a residence that is part of a business premises).

What documents do you need?

You can only apply for a permit for your principal place of residence and for registered vehicles.

Proof of Residency (1 item required - only items from this list will be accepted)

  • Lease / Tenancy Agreement
  • Rent Receipt
  • Lease Bond Receipt
  • Welcome Letter from Utility Company
  • Home Phone / Broadband Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill

Proof of Vehicle Ownership (1 item required)

  • Vic Roads - Registration Certificate, Change of Address Notice or Transfer of Registration.
  • Company Vehicles – A letter from the Company (on letterhead showing ABN) stating that the vehicle is registered and is used by the applicant and is required to be at the applicant’s address.
  • Letter from the vehicle’s registered owner - stating that the vehicle is used by the applicant and is required to be parked at the applicant’s address. The letter must include the name and address of the registered owner, and attach a copy of the vehicle registration certificate showing that the vehicle is currently registered.
  • Vehicle Contract of Sale (must show that the vehicle is currently registered).

How to apply

Apply online now

Or complete the Residential and Visitor Parking Permit Application(PDF, 1014KB) and submit to Council.  Do not send any payment with your application.

  • Your application will be assessed by our Compliance Department
  • If your application is approved and no payment is required you will receive your permit/s by post. If your application is approved and payment is required you will receive a Payment Request (If you provide your e-mail on the application you will receive the request via e-mail – recommended)
  • If you receive a Payment Request the permit will only be valid once payment received
  • Payment options are advised on the Payment Request or you can pay online now
  • If payment is received within 14 days your permit/s will be posted to you. If no payment is received within 14 days your application will be voided and a new application will be needed if the permit is still required.

How much does it cost?

The permit fees (valid to 30 June 2024) are below:

  • First Specific parking permit – Free of charge
  • Second Specific parking permit – $64.80
  • Third Specific parking permit – $91.00
  • First Visitor parking permit – $53.30
  • Second Visitor parking permit – $75.30

A fee of $91.00 is required for the replacement of lost/stolen visitor permits. You will need to complete the Statutory Declaration form(PDF, 8KB) and submit to Council.

How long does the permit last?

Parking permits are for 12 months. We will send you a permit renewal notice a month before they are due to expire, including information on how to re-apply. Payment options are also advised on the renewal notice or you can pay online now.

Where does the permit allow you to legally park?

A permit allows you to park in your street or an immediately parallel and cross street.

Permits do NOT apply to:

  • Off street car parks
  • Shopping strip (commercial) areas
  • Clearways
  • No stopping areas
  • Loading zones
  • Time restriction less than one hour
  • Within 10 metres of an intersection
  • When other statutory signs are in force

Have your details changed?

Please contact us if:

  • you’ve bought a new car, as a new application must be submitted for a new vehicle
  • you are moving from the area, as your permit will be cancelled. You will also have to remove the sticker from your car.