Street Tree Planting Strategy

The street trees of the City of Maribyrnong are a valuable community asset and are the most visible element of the City’s green infrastructure. They help keep our City healthy and have a range of environmental benefits which include reducing summer temperatures, reducing storm water run-off, providing habitat, capturing airborne pollutants and contributing to the wellbeing of the community.

The City’s street trees are a key element in establishing identity and character by emphasising important boulevards and defining neighborhoods. The importance of a resilient street tree network will increase in future years as Maribyrnong experiences rises in both population and urban density.

The Maribyrnong Street Tree Planting Strategy establishes the framework for the coordinated long term planning and management of the City’s street tree population, and will help residents, local businesses and developers understand the value of the street tree network and Council’s vision for a greener, more livable Maribyrnong. The key objectives of this Strategy establish:

  • A 10 Year Planting Program
  • Street tree species selection
  • Long term management of the City’s street tree network
  • Street tree removal and replacement procedures