Apply for commercial street furniture, footpath signage or parklets

Do you need a permit?

You must apply to us if you plan to use the footpath outside your premises for advertising signage, to display goods and/or for outdoor seating (including a parklet).  


We consider:

  • the streetscape and appearance of the area
  • traffic flows and safety, including bus and loading zones
  • pedestrian movement and safety
  • proposed road widening, installation of traffic lights, building setback or a Council planning policy
  • health and safety issues.

We may also conduct a site inspection.

What documents do you need?

  • A copy of your relevant and current Public Liability Insurance Policy.
  • A diagram of the proposed set-up, including dimensions, number of tables and chairs (if relevant) and distance from kerbs, street signs, rubbish bins and similar.
  • If applying for a parklet, details of the material, location of drainage, type of planting/vegetation, dimensions from car parking spaces and set backs from intersection(s). We may also request engineering details depending on the type of structure proposed. 

How do you apply?

Please complete the Commercial street furniture application form(PDF, 1MB) and submit to Council with the prescribed application fee.

Are you in Footscray Mall or within the Ballarat Street Alfresco Dining Precinct?

If you are located in the Nicholson Street Mall between Barkly/Hopkins and Paisley Streets, please complete the Footscray Mall street furniture application form(PDF, 908KB) instead, then submit as above.

If you are located in the Ballarat Street Alfresco Dining Precinct, including between Murray and Canterbury Streets, you should speak with Council's City Design department prior to submitting your application.

You must also agree to any conditions fixed as part of the permit.