2022 Civic Awards

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Nominations for the 2022 Maribyrnong City Council Civic Awards are now closed.

The Maribyrnong City Council Civic Awards recognise those individuals, businesses and organisations that make significant contributions in our community that enrich the lives of others.

Award categories

The 2022 Civic Awards will acknowledge the significant contributions of individuals, businesses and organisations in the following categories.

Citizen of the Year Award

The Citizen of the Year Award is the most prestigious of the annual awards and recognises an inspirational role model who has made an outstanding contribution to the City of Maribyrnong in the field of community, health, education, environment, business, arts or sport.

The winner will display the following attributes:

  1. A commitment to community service over a considerable and/or continuous period of time;
  2. A significant contribution to the well-being of the community through personal service;
  3. Positive and inspiring personal attributes, showing qualities such as versatility, flexibility and perseverance;
  4. Personal effort that has made a lasting and significant difference to the quality of life of the community; and
  5. Demonstrated exceptional or extraordinary history of achievement in the City of Maribyrnong community.

Mayoral Award

The Mayoral Award recognises an individual, community group or organisation nominated by the Mayor for an outstanding contribution to the City of Maribyrnong community. The Mayoral Award highlights, acknowledges and gives thanks to the people in the City of Maribyrnong community who ‘make a difference’ – demonstrated either in their own lives or through their actions and commitment to others.

Volunteer of the Year Award

This Volunteer of the Year Award acknowledges an outstanding individual or group who supports the Maribyrnong community and who has:

  1. Volunteered time and effort above and beyond expectations;
  2. Used their energy and enthusiasm to set an example for and encourage others to volunteer;
  3. Shown innovation in their volunteering pursuits; and/or
  4. Demonstrated a significant contribution to a community or community organisation in a way that fosters community spirit and pride.

Commnunity Strengthening Award

The Community Strengthening Award acknowledges the outstanding work of an individual or group that plays a significant role in enhancing the lives and wellbeing of residents through new and innovative approaches to community services and volunteer work.

Nominations are sought in in this category for nominees that demonstrate:

  1. Strong community partnerships;
  2. A commitment to improve accessibility for hard to reach individuals and communities; and/or
  3. Demonstrated delivery of innovative services and programs to support positive outcomes for the local community, including disadvantaged and vulnerable people; and/or
  4. Improvements to community health and wellbeing; and/or
  5. Promote multiculturalism, tolerance, and integration.

Youth Leadership Award

The Youth Leadership Award acknowledges a young person, or group of young people, aged under 25 years (as at 31 December) who are engaged in an activity or service for the benefit of the City of Maribyrnong community and who has:

  1. Advocated for change or raised awareness about a particular issue; and /or
  2. Volunteered their time to engage or support members of the community; and/or
  3. Raised money for a particular cause; and/or
  4. Mentored others or has acted as a positive role model; and
  5. Demonstrated leadership attributes.

Active Maribyrnong Sporting Award

The Active Maribyrnong Sporting Award is open to all City of Maribyrnong based clubs, teams or an individual involved with, or contributing to community sport and recreation.

Nominations for this category are sought in relation to:

  1. A club, team or organisation that has made a real difference to encouraging greater participation across the whole community; and/or
  2. A club which is significantly better off as a result of the contribution of a committed volunteer ; and/or
  3. An individual who has performed an extraordinary act or acts that embody the true spirit of sport.

Arts Award

The Arts Award seeks to recognise an individual, community group or organisation for outstanding contribution to the arts community in the City of Maribyrnong.

Enterprise Maribyrnong Award

The Enterprise Maribyrnong Award recognises the contribution that local business makes to the City of Maribyrnong.

Nominations are open to a choice of one the following categories:

  • Enterprise Maribyrnong Award for Contribution to the Business Community

Recognises organisations or individuals for initiatives that promote and positively impact on the business community in the City of Maribyrnong.

  • Enterprise Maribyrnong Award for New and Emerging Business

Recognises new businesses (started trading in the past 12 months) in the municipality that are capturing a growing or emerging market.

  • Enterprise Maribyrnong Award for Innovative Business

Businesses within the municipality demonstrating innovativeness of products or services offered and/or products or services that fit a niche not being adequately addressed by the competition.