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Published on 03 July 2024

Community Vision - OC.png

The key planning documents will be updated this year and Council wants to ensure everyone has an opportunity to have a hand in their review.

The Council Plan, Asset Plan and Financial Plan inform the future strategic direction of Council and determine future service delivery.

The Community Vision, which identifies the overall vision the community has told us they want for the future of Maribyrnong, underpins these documents and is also up for review.

Endorsed in 2018 it current envisions: ‘A city where history and differences are embraced, forming the foundations from which vibrant, diverse and sustainable communities thrive.’

“Given changes in the environmental and financial landscape specifically since it was developed, including the pandemic, it is important we ask our community whether the Community Vision remains relevant today – and what, if any, modifications residents would like to make,” Mayor Cr Cuc Lam said.

With planning for a new four-year Council Plan, which will give credence to the Community Vision also underway, this is an important and timely conversation with our community, she added.

The Council Plan 2021-2025 guides what Council does and how we do it over a four-year period. It is underpinned by five key strategic objectives: Safe climate and healthy environment, Liveable Neighbourhoods, A place for all, Future focussed, and Ethical leadership.

In creating a new Council Plan, we are seeking to understand from the community where they think Council’s strategic focus should sit going forward.

Engagement on the Vision and planning documents will continue into 2025, and during this time we encourage our community to chat with us to confirm the relevance of the Community Vision, future strategic objectives, and share feedback on key issues, such as resources and financial constraints.

Council will further unpack some of these things with a residents panel later this year and early 2025 that will build on everything we have heard up to that point. Because we want as many people in the community involved as possible, we are also inviting residents to express their interest in participating.

You’ll find more information at where you can also provide some initial feedback on the Community Vision and Council Plan strategic objectives by midnight Sunday 4 August 2024, or submit you expression of interest to join the group discussions.


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