Your sustainable home

Whether you own your property, are buying a house or renting, there are ways you can reduce your energy and water use through sustainable design. 

Are you building, buying or renovating a home?

Check out the Department of the Environment and Energy's guide environmentally sustainable homes.

This will help you create a comfortable home that is economical to run, healthier to live in and adaptable to your changing needs. 

Read more about sustainable building design.

Are you renting?

Are you able to change your shower head? How can you make your toilet waste less water when you don’t have dual flush? What do you do when your rented house has no curtains, you have a tight budget and your sewing skills are mediocre?

The Victoria Green Renters' Guide has the answers!

The guide is full of suggestions that can be done on a shoe string budget. It also includes information on government rebates, a checklist for people looking for a new place to rent, and an explanation of renting law in Victoria.