Building site complaints

Are your neighbours building?

If your property could be affected by building works next door, the owner will have to obtain a Protection works notic.

If this is the case, they will:

  • ask you to agree to summary of any existing cracks or defects at your property
  • provide you with a completed Protection Work Notice (Form 3)
  • give you a Protection work response notice (Form 4) to complete.

You will need to return the complete Form 4 within 14 days. Failure to respond will be taken as agreement. If you disagree, complete Form 4 with:

  • the reasons why the protection work is not acceptable
  • any proposed alternative conditions
  • any requests for more information.

A building survey will ultimately decide if the work can proceed and under what conditions. An appeal to the Building Authority [LINK: external] against the building surveyor’s decision may be possible.

Concerned about a permit or safety breach?

Do you believe someone is breaching the conditions of a planning or building permit?

Report a building or planning permit breach

Is a nearby building site creating mess?

Please report any illegally dumped rubbish in car parks, alley ways and other public areas. This can include sediment laden runoff from building sites (eg mud, paint, sand etc).

Report a dumped rubbish and litter