Building Safety Regulations for Home

When renovating or building on your property, please make sure you obtain required building permits, and that your works comply with regulations around swimming pools and smoke alarms.

Building permits

Building permits are required to ensure construction complies with build regulations. They are not issued by Council, but by a private registered building surveyor.

Swimming pools and spas

Please install safety barriers around swimming pools and spas (including portable spas). Suitable barriers include fencing and lockable gates, doors and windows.

A building permit must be obtained prior to installation.

Penalties for non-compliance

We may randomly inspect properties for compliance to the regulations and Australian Standard. Penalties of up to $50,000 apply.

Smoke alarms

All residential properties must have smoke alarms installed and properly maintained.

Penalties for non-compliance

We may visit sites at any time to ensure compliance. Fines apply for non-compliance with these regulations.

Need help?

More information is available through the Victorian Building Authority.

Contact us for advice on whether you’re complying.