Footscray Memorial Garden

The Geelong Road Avenue of Honour was a Citizen's memorial funded by the community and established in 1947 for those who died in World Wars I and II.

The widening of Geelong Road in the 1960's resulted in substantial changes to the original avenue and overtime many of the plaques were no longer visible. The decision to relocate the plaques to the entrance of Footscray Park was made in consultation with the community in 2009.

The goal was to develop a setting that was accessible by the community for both private reflection and commemorative ceremonies.

The memorial garden at Footscray Park honouring fallen soldiers from World War I and World War II opened in April 2013.

The garden is based upon the alignment of the original Avenue of Honour, and conveys a key message of strength through unity. 

The ceremonial terrace has a series of interlocking concrete plinths that support 225 memorial plaques from the Geelong Road Avenue of Honour.

A number of the plaques were stolen in 2015 and have now been replaced. 

Download the Footscray Memorial Garden Commemorative Brochure for more information and two accounts of the soldiers who lost their lives and are commemorated at the Memorial Garden.

Albert Rayner's Story

For more information on the Memorial Garden, contact the Recreational and Open Space department by calling (03) 9688 0200 or emailing

Footscray Historical Society Anzac Project

Interested in locals who served in the Great War?

Nearly 1500 handwritten applications for a Certificate of Appreciation have been digitised and matched with nearly 2000 names on the Footscray Town Hall Honour Board.

Footscray Historical Society invites you to explore the database and add your story - by emailing the secretary at Footscray Historical Society.

Australian War Memorial Centenary of the First World War

In 2014 the world commemorated 100 years since the First World War. The conflict touched the lives of nearly every Australian and its effects are still evident today. During the period 2014–18 we will commemorate, remember, and learn from those who sacrificed their lives during those four years of fighting 1914–18.

The Australian War Memorial will continue to host a variety of new public programs and events throughout the centenary period.