Compost Community

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Are you keen to start a home composting system but not sure where to begin? Join Council's Compost Community program and put your food waste to good use!

Compost Community

The Compost Community program supports local residents to start composting, offering an annual discount on composting systems, and access to subsidised compost and food waste recycling systems. It is free to join and gives you access to an online advice portal with our compost expert, who can advise on the best type of system to get you started.

Whether its worm farms, bokashi bins, or composting systems, you can find out all the pros and cons.  

Visit the Compost Community website via the link below.


ShareWaste is a volunteer based group connecting local composters around the area. If you have compost, but no place to recycle it, you can find others in the neighbourhood who accept compost donations. Or, if you have a composting system, and want more compost, you can sign up to accept compost drop offs. 

This community strengthening idea is perfect for those living in multi-dwelling complexes where space for composting isn't available.

Visit the ShareWaste website via the link below.