Community Recycling Stations


Council's Community Recycling Stations offer a great solution for some common household items that cannot be recycled using your kerbside bins.

Residents can drop off a range of items for free using the new community recycling stations including CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, cassettes, floppy discs, light globes including fluorescent light globes, X-rays, pens, textas and old stationary items.

Please note that the stations are only designed to accept household quantities of items.  Large quantities cannot be accommodated by the recycling stations.

If the recycling station is full, or you have large quantities you must not leave materials on top of or beside the recycling station.  As an alternative you are able to take your items to a waste transfer station instead.

Local circular economy champions at Green Collect process your items at their Braybrook sorting facility. Salvageable items are refurbished and sold at their stores in Braybrook and Yarraville, while items destined for recycling are broken down into their base components.

Community Recycling Station Locations

Community Recycling Stations are located at the following sites:

Community Recycling Stations are only accessible during opening hours for each site.  Please contact your local facility to find out when they are open.