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Ever wonder what you could do with all those fruit and vegetable peels?  Well now you can put your organic kitchen waste to good use.

Compost Community

If you are interested in reducing your food waste, why not join Compost Community, and transform your food scraps into nutrient rich compost! It's great for the environment, and for your garden.

Compost Community is a free education program supported by people passionate about food, gardening and composting.  By joining the program you can access discounted and subsidised compost equipment, and tap into an enormous amount of first hand knowledge from those passionate about composting.

Visit the Compost Community website via the link below.


ShareWaste is a volunteer based group that match those wanting to compost but don't have the space or ability to do so with those that will gladly take you food scrap items to add to their compost or feed to their chickens or add to their worm farm.

This community strengthening idea is perfect for those living in multi-dwelling complexes where space for composting isn't available.

Visit the ShareWaste website via the link below.