Environmental Programs for Schools

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1. Overview

Maribyrnong City Council provides a range of free waste and environmental education programs for schools and kindergartens.

These sessions teach students about how waste and recycling impact on the environment and how they can reduce their waste at home and at school.  

There are up to 30 free waste education sessions available per year. Once all sessions are allocated, schools will be placed on a waiting list and advised when new bookings become available.

Schools can book a waste education session for students in preschool up to Year 12. Sessions run for 30 - 45 minutes and can include up to 30 students. Sessions are available on the following topics:

2. Sessions and Topics

The 4 Rs: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Prep - Grade 3)

Discover the benefits of embracing The 4Rs – Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

  • Explore waste from new exciting perspectives.
  • Investigate why the first Rs are the most important.
  • Learn about nature’s best recyclers – worms.
  • Play the Rethink Challenge Game.
  • Learn The 4Rs Rap.

What can I recycle? (Prep - Year 8)

Find out where our materials come from, what can and can’t be recycled, and how recyclable materials are sorted at a Materials Recovery Facility. The session also includes a fun recycling sorting game to test students’ knowledge about what can and can’t be recycled at home. To book your free session, contact Natasha Primo.

Worms and Mini-beasts (Prep - Grade 6)

Learn about exciting ways to process organic waste.

  • Explore the types of organic waste at your school and home.
  • Handle a real worm and learn about its role in the composting cycle.
  • Hunt for mini-beasts and learn about food webs and their importance to a healthy environment.
  • Learn about the life cycle of food.
  • Learn how to keep worm farms and compost heaps ‘healthy’.

Waste time line and 'in the bin' (Grade 3 - 6)

In this eye-opening 45 minute workshop, students will discover the history and timeline of our planet and discover the way that everyday items, such as plastic, have both changed the way we live, and our impact on the natural environment. Students will discover the different lifetimes of everyday products and how these break down in the environment, before taking part in a fun activity 'in the bin'.

CERES Sustainable farm excursion (Prep - Year 8)

Visit the CERES sustainable urban farm and find out how we can take action to reduce waste and live more sustainably in our homes, neighbourhoods and cities. Single session and half day excursion options available. Please note transport is not included.

Do more with less workshop (Grade 6 - Year 12)

This full day workshop is perfect for green teams or single classes of up to 30 students. Focusing on their own school grounds, students will assess the amount of waste that is produced every day across the school, identify waste hot spots, and determine where the waste is going. Using this data, students will evaluate the school and come up with practical goals and strategies to improve sustainability and waste management across the school.

3. How to book

Schools can book a free incursion or excursion via our booking link. *When completing the form, please include a note that the program is funded by Maribyrnong City Council.

To find out more about our waste education program, please contact environment@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au or sign up to our School Environmental Newsletter for updates on new programs and opportunities.

4. Recycling with Mondo - Textile recycling and school fundraising program

Recycle With Mondo is a free textile recycling and fundraising program for primary school students. Schools that collect old clothing, textiles and electronic items receive a payment per kilogram, with items collected by Southern Cross Recycling.

Schools can select Designated Collection Days or opt to have Clothing Drop-Off Hubs installed at the school. Collection Days earn .25c per kilo of items collected and Drop-Off Hubs earn .10c per kilo of items collected.

In addition to collections, schools can also book educational talks, and students are provided with Sustainability Calculators so that they can track the real-time impact their efforts are achieving in waste, water, energy and greenhouse gas savings.

Find out more about the program.

5. Tools and Resources

School Sustainability Resources

Are you an educator interested in teaching your students about the environment and sustainability?

Our free School Sustainability Resources have been developed to support you. Explore the topics of waste, biodiversity, sustainable systems, energy and water through our downloadable work sheets and ready-made PowerPoint presentations.


Waste presentation(PPTX, 9MB)
Water lesson plans (Foundation - Grade 6)(PDF, 4MB)


Biodiversity presentation(PPTX, 6MB)
Biodiversity lesson plans (Foundation - Grade 6)(PDF, 7MB)


Water presentation(PPTX, 5MB)
Water lesson plans (Foundation - Grade 6)(PDF, 4MB)


Energy presentation(PPTX, 7MB)
Energy lesson plans (Foundation - Grade 6)(PDF, 3MB)

Sustainable systems

Sustainable systems presentation(PPTX, 16MB)
Sustainable systems lesson plans (Foundation - Grade 6)(PDF, 6MB)

6. Waste, litter, worms and composting

Are you interested in reducing waste by starting a worm farm or composting system at your school? Maribyrnong City Council offers funding and support for the development of waste reduction and education programs, including worm farms and compost systems and developing the skills to maintain these.

To find out how your school can access support, contact the Waste Education Officer

Maribyrnong Compost Community also provide free tutorials, activities and a community forum on backyard composting and worm farming. Members who join are eligible to purchase subsidised worm farms and compost bins.

7. Community Education and Events

Maribyrnong City Council provide a range of educational workshops and events for the wider community, from helping to reduce food waste through Food Know How, to frog monitoring programs through the frog census. To find out about our upcoming events join our Sustainable Living Maribyrnong community, or follow us on Facebook.